the foundation for lifelong literacy is built before children turn five.

what is bama talks?

Bama Talks believes that when we invest in children early, our entire community wins. Our evidence based curriculum and cutting edge technology work together to increase the number of words children hear from adult caregivers. In partnership with the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education, we're making that innovation available (at no cost) to communities across the state. Apply below to join us in making sure every child in Alabama is kindergarten, college, and career ready.

did you know?

Babies need to hear about 21,000 adult words daily for optimal brain development.

how can you partner?

Alabama-based organizations can apply to bring one of our programs to their community. Selected organizations will receive access to curriculum, technology, books, and incentives for participating caregivers. Each of these programs can be run virtually or in person (depending on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic).

LENA Start

a 10 week series of small group parent education classes for nonprofits, churches, community organizations, or city/county governments


a 12 week professional development program for childcare centers


a 9 session curriculum for home visiting programs

partnership timeline

March 15

Application Opens

April 2

Application Closes

April 7

Phone interview invitations sent

April 23

Decisions made